Pain Relief For Dogs – Important Tips

Pain Relief for Dogs


Pain Relief for Dogs Pain Relief For Dogs   Important Tips

Pain Relief for Dogs

As a dog owner, but most importantly, as a dog lover, one of the things I have become more and more preoccupied with, as my dog is getting older, has been the subject of pain relief for dogs. I have discovered that taking care of a dog and learning about the subject of pain relief for dogs has so many advantages, especially when I come home and see that sparkly light in my dog’s eyes and the happy wagging of his tail, and that`s when I realize that they are so much like us, humans, only much more innocent and fun sometimes. I mean, I never saw a human rolling on the floor or wagging it`s tail just to cheer me up. Dogs always take care of their loved ones when they`re ill or sad, doing whatever they can to help, even if most of the times all they can do is only cheering  us up.


Pain Relief for Dogs – What Are The Choices?

Still, dogs, same as us, humans, do grow old, and that leads to a series of conditions which will require some sort of pain relief for dogs. And, since I`m convinced that my dog would do the same for me, I started researching the subject of pain relief for dogs.

Most of the dog owners will pay for any kind of medicine that will bring pain relief for dogs, and so was I, until I discovered the fact that antibiotics would only offer temporary pain relief for dogs, but they will definitely have secondary effects on their liver and stomach.
So, I tried to find other ways to offer pain relief for dogs. This is how I discovered that there are natural ways for pain relief for dogs, one of them being acupuncture.

Yes, acupuncture is as reliable in offering pain relief for dogs as it is for humans, and it doesn`t cause any side effects. But, of course, same as for humans, the pain will not go away after the first session and some medicinal herbs might be necessary in order to offer pain relief for dogs.

However, looking deeply into the problem of pain relief for dogs, I discovered that there are some vitamins and herbs that are administrated to humans with arthritis pain can be also administrated, offering pain relief for dogs. Some of these are: herbal Glucosamine blend, vitamins B1, B2, B6, MSM and vitamin C.
Also, I found out that pain relief for dogs can be offered by ensuring that your dog has a healthy diet and does regular physical exercises, to make sure that his bones and muscles are in good condition.
Regular checks with the vet will also spare the dog from useless pain, giving you more ideas when it comes to the subject of pain relief for dogs.

Natural Ways of Pain Relief For Dogs

Another great natural way of pain relief for dogs is massage. I used this method on my dog, by gently massaging his muscles, neck, shoulders and joints. Although I was a bit reluctant at the beginning, I soon found out that the massage would actually relax and give pain relief for dogs. It`s great, since it is simple, cheap and effective, and the only thing you have to be concerned about is the intensity with which you`re massaging your dog, since giving him a massage that`s too intense might just cause him even more pain instead of offering proper pain relief for dogs.

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Another one of the natural ways to offer pain relief for dogs is heat therapy. As you have probably noticed, when you hurt yourself, the painful area also becomes hotter than the rest of your body. This is because your body is naturally trying to use heat therapy for pain relief and faster healing. You can also use heat therapy on your own dog, when the pain seems to be just too much, as heat therapy will almost always offer pain relief for dogs. Just put some hot water bottles around the painful area, or place a warm compress over the affected area and hold it there for fifteen minutes. It should help give pain relief for dogs by improving the circulation to the affected area through the process of vasodilation.

If you notice swelling, then an ice pack put over the swell can work magic in providing pain relief for dogs. Hold it there for about an hour every day, and in about two or three days the swelling will drastically diminish.


Pain Relief for Dogs – Medicines

If, however, you do want to take the medicine road, I suggest you take a lot of precautions and seek the advice of experts in order to offer pain relief for dogs. Despite the fact that some drugs are harmless to humans when taken in moderate quantities, even though you think they`re offering pain relief for dogs they can do serious harm even in the smallest amounts. For example, Aspirin can cause ulcers and internal bleeding, which, due to the blood thinning effect of Aspirin that can lead to internal hemorrhages. It can also complicate the situation if the dog gets into any sort of accident.


Final Thoughts About Pain Relief for Dogs

Being a dog owner means you have to be responsible enough and choose what is safe and good for your dog when it can`t choose by itself, be it when it comes to it`s diet, it`s exercise routine, grooming or, in some unfortunate cases pain relief for dogs.

Dogs are very interesting domestic animals and in case they feel pain, they will do things that are likely to make you know. This then means that you should understand your dog’s behavior and be able to know what it means when it does what. By being very close and friendly to your dog, you will easily realize when it is feeling pain. A dog can feel pain due to any reason; just like human beings. One of the behaviors depicted by a dog in pain is lack of appetite, eating grass, being docile, etc. Nevertheless, there are several drugs in terms of painkillers that are meant to relive this pain. Among the many dog pain-relievers, Sergeant’s Vetscription Joint-Eze Plus Chewables Dog, 60-Count has always remained outstanding. This product is very effective in relieving dog’s pain and no matter the pain; the dog will automatically change its conditions in a matter of minutes. There is a customer on who said that his dog could not eat, bark, stand or respond to anything due to excessive pain but after giving it Sergeant’s Vetscription Joint-Eze Plus Chewables Dog, 60-Count, the dog became lively and started eating after five minutes. Extensive information about this product can be found it here (Amazon Link). Here, you will find the important tips on how to give your dog the pain-relievers in an appropriate manner and where you can get these products at cheaper prices.

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