Flea and Tick Control

Flea and Tick

Flea and Tick Flea and Tick Control

Flea and Tick

In case you own a dog at home, then it is very important to learn on how to control fleas and ticks because these are some of the most common parasites that affect dogs. There are several causes of fleas and ticks in dogs and preventing them from affecting your dog can be quite challenging. However, the infestation can be regulated and treated in case your dog gets affected. Some dog owners make the mistake of killing ticks and fleas on the dog’s body forgetting about the possible eggs and larvae that might be hiding in the house cracks, floors or walls. Therefore care must be taken if you want to eliminate these parasites completely.

Effective Plan to Control Flea and Tick

Basically, it requires an effective plan for you to control ticks and fleas that might affect your dogs. The plan mainly involves choosing products that are very effective in eliminating the ticks and fleas and applying them as prescribed to ensure efficiency and avoid side effects. The truth is that majority of tick and fleas control products available in the market have severe side effects if not properly used. For instance, you have to involve your dog veterinary in the choice and application of tick and flea control products.

Dogs can get fleas and ticks from the environment. In most cases, the dog will move from one place to another, go to the neighbor’s home, come in contact with other dogs and in process can be infected with the parasites. Even just passing through small forests or bushes can make them be infected. Therefore may be the first and easy way to ensure that chances of the ticks and fleas contacted form the outside environment by your dog is by brushing them more often. However, care must also be taken because brushing can dispose the ticks and fleas which will definitely get their way back to the dogs or even to us!

Causes of flea and tick

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Despite the ticks and fleas causing discomfort to the dogs, they also cause some diseases like the flea allergy; which is caused by fleas. When fleas get attached to the dog’s skin, they suck blood via the skin and in the process inject saliva in the dog’s skin. This saliva causes allergies to the dogs hence affecting its health. Some of the most dangerous diseases caused by ticks and fleas include tularemia, rocky mountain, ehrlichiosis, etc. These diseases can easily cause death if not controlled on time.

Flea and Tick Control – Final Words

But the good thing is that there are many products available in the market for flea and tick control. The products are very effective in the elimination and kills both adult and larval parasites hence eliminating them completely. Some of these products can cause severe side effects thus it is important to follow the instructions keenly when using them or else you might be worsening the situation.

Fleas and ticks are among the most disappointing parasites that your dog can have. These parasites deteriorate the dog’s health and make them very weak. However, there are several techniques used to control these parasites and the choice will mainly depend on the recommendations by your dog’s veterinarian. For effective and natural control of fleas and ticks for your dogs, use Merial Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control for Dogs and Puppies. This is the product that has been proved to give satisfactory results and end the spread and existence of fleas and ticks in your dogs. The medicine not only gets rid of adult fleas and ticks from the dogs but also it kills the eggs and larvae that could otherwise develop into these parasites. This medicine has no side effects and according to many reviews given by the past users of it, it is worth any dog owner’s money. More extensive information about this product mainly how to use it, when to apply and means through which its efficiency can be increased can be obtained here Amazon.

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