Dog Diarrhea Treatment That Can Save Your Dog’s Life

Dog Diarrhea Treatment

Dog Diarrhea Treatment Dog Diarrhea Treatment That Can Save Your Dogs Life

Dog Diarrhea Treatment

If you are a dog owner and your dog’s health and happiness is a priority, you should know adequate knowledge on dog diarrhea treatment methods. You have to understand your dog’s needs, and recognize any signs of illness. Diarrhea is a common infliction that dogs have. To be able to determine if dog diarrhea treatment procedures should be done it is important to know its symptoms such as vomiting and shaking so that the proper dog diarrhea treatment can be administered. There are many ways you can do dog diarrhea treatment. You can refrain from giving your dog food if the dog appears to have diarrhea. You should also make sure the dog gets plenty of liquid and provide the dog with a quiet rest place. If the dog’s diarrhea progresses with other symptoms and continues over two days, it’s time for a visit to the veterinarian. You might also want to try other diet tricks as a dog diarrhea treatment.

Dog Diarrhea Treatment: Possible Causes

To determine the proper dog diarrhea treatment method to use, you should know about the possible caused of dog diarrhea. There are several causes for dog diarrhea but it is usually caused by sudden diet changes that could bring dog health problems. It can be brought about by changing the dog food normally given. It could also be brought about by table scraps. Our food is cooked and flavored differently and a dog’s digestive system is not equipped to handle a sudden diet change. This can cause vomiting as well as diarrhea. Stress, too, is a possible cause for dog diarrhea. A simple change in the dog’s routine is a cause for stress. The proper dog diarrhea treatment can be done once the cause of the diarrhea is determined.

Dog Diarrhea Treatment: Symptoms

Dogs, just like humans, get upset stomachs. Below are dog diarrhea causes and their symptoms you can use to guide you on what is the ideal dog diarrhea treatment method to use.

Dog Diarrhea Treatment: Cause & Symptom #1
Dietary Indiscretion – This is, more often than not, the culprit of dog diarrhea. Dog stool will be runny or loose but you will not notice anything else wrong with the dog.

Dog Diarrhea Treatment: Cause & Symptom #2
Viral – This is more common in puppies. The dog’s stool will be smelly, runny, and will usually contain mucus and blood.

Dog Diarrhea Treatment: Cause & Symptom #3
Bacterial – Dogs usually get this from drinking stagnant water. The dog’s stool will be extremely runny with mucus but there will be no blood.

Dog Diarrhea Treatment: Cause & Symptom #4
Allergic – This is cause by a dog’s sensitivity to certain food. The dog’s stool will be soft and light colored. It may also have some mucus.

Dog Diarrhea Treatment: Cause & Symptom #5
Metabolic – This is caused by a dog’s an internal digestive problem. The dog’s stool will be extremely runny and could contain mucus and/or blood.

Dog Diarrhea Treatment Methods

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Below are some of the most effective dog diarrhea treatment methods that you should follow once you suspect that your dog has diarrhea.

Dog Diarrhea Treatment No. 1:  Keep the Dog Hydrated
Diarrhea causes water loss and it may lead to dehydration. A dog with diarrhea must constantly drink plenty of water. From the moment you notice something wrong with the dog, you should begin to give the dog lots of water. Naturally, a bigger dog will need to drink more water to keep him hydrated. It is also recommended that you add some oral rehydration salts to the water to prevent dehydration and to maintain the balance of electrolytes. This is the simplest dog diarrhea treatment that you can do.

Dog Diarrhea Treatment No. 2: Feed the Dog Bland Food Only
On the second day of the dog diarrhea treatment, your dog will have been rehydrated. Any toxins in his digestive system should have already been flushed out. You can begin to feed the dog. This dog diarrhea treatment procedure can be done by slowly reintroducing food to your dog’s digestive system, beginning with bland food. As a dog diarrhea treatment, you can feed your dog white rice, cottage cheese, and cooked chicken. Keep in mind to give the dog no more than half of his regular food intake. Giving him more than that will be too much for his empty stomach to handle will render this dog diarrhea treatment ineffective.

Dog Diarrhea Treatment No 3: Build Up Slowly
Keeping your dog on his bland diet for several days is an effective dog diarrhea treatment method. Slowly reintroduce his regular food. It should be a week still before the dog is back to his normal eating habits as result of this dog diarrhea treatment method. At the start, feed the dog only a quarter of his regular food mixed with three quarters of the previous food. For an effective dog diarrhea treatment, continue to monitor your dog for any recurrence of the diarrhea. If there is not recurrence of the diarrhea after administering this dog diarrhea treatment method, increase his regular food amount mixed with less of his previous food. If there still are no signs of recurrence of the diarrhea, further increase the regular food amount mixed with less of his previous food. Continue this dog diarrhea treatment procedure until his diet is completely his new food.

Dog Diarrhea Treatment No. 4: Go to the Veterinarian
In cases where the various dog diarrhea treatment are ineffective like if water therapy and the change in his diet do not help the diarrhea, bring the dog to see a veterinarian immediately. His diarrhea might be a sign of a more complicated problem like parasite problems or bacterial infections. The veterinarian will be able to prescribe the correct dog diarrhea treatment.

Dog Diarrhea Treatment – Final words

These dog diarrhea treatment procedures, if done in the right way and at the earliest possible time, can save the life of your canine best friend.

Diarrhea is one of the most dangerous diseases that affect dogs most. This disease can be caused by anything and it can kill your dog within the shortest time possible. However, the good news is that the disease is treatable. Dogs are exposed so different conditions that can easily cause them suffer from diarrhea. If your dog has never suffered from diarrhea, then you should do all that you can so that it doesn’t become a victim because you can lose it unexpectedly. From the many products in the market claimed to treat dog diarrhea, there is one product that has been proved to be the most effective by dog veterinaries and dog owners. Vet Solutions Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Gel for Dogs & Cats, 30cc is the product that those who have ever used it call it the dog diarrhea solution. No matter the severity of your dog diarrhea, this product will bring the disease to a halt instantly. Many customers and dog owners who have given feedback of this product on have always praised its efficiency saying that it saved their dogs’ lives and its use if very easily and straight forward. There is a customer who said that he could not believe when his dog started eating normally and stopped to diarrhea one hour after taking this solution.

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