Common Dog Health Problems And How To Avoid Them

Dog Health Problems

doghealthproblems Common Dog Health Problems And How To Avoid Them

Dog Health Problems

Daily care, attention and grooming are measures that can take to help keep many dog health problems at bay. In fact, taking the necessary steps to prevent these dog health problems will save you a lot of anxiety and trouble. Thus, it is very important that you deworm and inoculate your pet as advised by your veterinary. Should you notice any dog health problems, it is advisable to contact the vet as early as possible for there will be a better chance of dealing with these dog health problems.

Signs of Dog Health problems

Dog health problems will manifest themselves through several behaviors. The dog shows signs of restlessness and depression, which are all signs that point to lack of stamina. The dog stops eating and loses appetite for food, drink too much water and sometimes suffer from excessive vomiting and diarrhea. It keeps shaking its head or scratching its body, loses its hair, develops open sores and prominent lumps on its body.  These are some of the most common signs of dog health problems.

Causes of Dog Health Problems

One main cause of dog health problems that pet owners are struggling with is external and internal parasites that plague their dogs. Such external parasites such as fleas, mites, lice and ticks infestation will make your dog fall ill. If you dog constantly scratch itself specifically around the ears and the chest area, it is likely it is infested by these parasites. External parasites are not only one of the major causes of dog health problems but also an embarrassment to you.

Regular brushing and grooming may help to control the presence of external parasites to some extent.  Consult your vet for advice on the best way to treat external parasites and other dog health problems. Several sprays, shampoos and other body washes are good when it comes to fighting such external parasites. This will necessitate spraying your surrounding environment as well to kill parasites eggs and breeding habitats for effective control of the external parasites.

Internal parasites such as tapeworms, whipworms, hookworms, roundworms and heartworms are responsible for causing a number of dog health problems such as anemia, internal bleeding and sudden death of your pet. Ensure that you deworm regularly and keep your pet quarantined from areas frequented by stray animals since this will go a long way in preventing such dog health problems.

Dog Health Problems – Contagious diseases

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Skin diseases are also common dog health problems that are caused by the presence of external problems. Mange is caused by mites and manifests itself in two forms namely, Demodectic mange and Sarcoptic mange. Both forms of mange are extremely unpleasant and severe especially the Sarcorptic mange that is contagious and infects humans also. If your dog manifests any signs of mange it should be immediately isolated from other dogs and from children and followed by prompt treatment. Most treatment is in form of vaccines, oral medication, ointments and medicinal baths.

The most dreaded of all dog health problems is rabies since it has no known cure and the victim faces certain death. This is a contagious disease that is common to all mammals and is transmitted through contact with saliva of the infected animal or by receiving a bite from an infected animal.  Prevention is the only cure for these dog health problems which is done through vaccines against rabies and keeps a distance from unvaccinated wild animals and dogs.

Canine distemper, parvovirus, leptospirosis and parainfluenza are among other dog health problems though not fatal nowadays that can prove to be severe and damaging to your pet.  With such prevention is the best option available. Thus, it is better to get your dog inoculated and isolated from other dogs until the inoculation exercise is complete. With some proper care and precaution most dog health problems can be controlled and prevented.

Old Age Dog Health Problems

However, just like other animals dogs age with time and experience old age dog health problems such as glaucoma, arthritis, etc.  Many pet owners have difficulties in accepting this fact and tend to believe that their pet is healthy and will not experience dog health problems peculiar to age. However, senior health dog problems should be anticipated by every pet owner. Older dog health problems will affected large breeds earlier than small breeds and will show signs of aging between ten and twelve years.

Final Thoughts on Dog Health Problems

All dogs are different and subject to their size, breed and activity level will manifest dog health problems differently. Nevertheless, there are some common health dog health problems that are common in all senior dogs. This include such signs as joint and bone problems,  overall reduction in metabolism, eye and ears difficulties, liver and kidney dysfunctions,  teeth and gum problems as well as the skin becoming thin and less pliable while the coat turns mottled and patchy. You may avoid dog health problems by expanding your knowledge and attention you pay to your pet.

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